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Resonator Magazine

I am the Resurrection: Sufjan Says afterthought


I am the Resurrection: Sufjan Says afterthought

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Yeah, yeah, I know, finished this whole pseudo-daily Sufjan thing earlier today, but there's one final song I wanted to throw out there, because I am a wishin' and a hopin' and a prayin' (oh god, puns INTENDED) to hear this tonight.

And, let's face it, no one at camp Resonator Mag will EVER let me post a Sufjan Stevens song EVER again, so I'm taking full advantage of this.

Sufjan Stevens: Size Too Small

From the glorious, beautiful Seven Swans, this is the ULTIMATE love song to Jesus. And it's kinda hot, too. It's like wistful glances towards to man on the cross, Bringin' SalvationBack.

And what if I told you
I was still in love with this?

Yeah, kitschy.

But so, so. pretty.

Catch you kids in a midwestern state.

Buy Seven Swans

Resonator Mag: we are the Res erection

oh so not funny..
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