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Resonator Magazine

Showtunes will never hurt you


Showtunes will never hurt you

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I'm going to keep this short and to the (lack of) point. It's been a long weekend for everyone, I'm sure, with we here at Resonator Mag being our typically unproductive selves, and when I was batting this song around with Hacks on AIM yesterday he kinda sorta said all that needs to be said.

Both Hacks and myself have always been fans of My Chemical Romance since before they blew up. While he less than threes the songs about vampires (who, btw, will never hurt you) and the more cracked-out Gerard Way from the first album, I fucking adore the Gothic Rock-Opera that is Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

They have a new album due out. The Black Parade.

First single?

My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parage


It's the first track from what is their self-described "dark, emotional musical" (see, TOLD YOU!) about death. Gerard's said the album's recording process was "so dark" that they had to "reform as another band", hence the black parade.

(Or...something like that. If you want the full-on facts and actual quotes and probably less misinformation and to drool over your gothster pinup boys, you can see all that stuff at the black parade website.)

Hacks called "Welcome to The Black Parade" for what it is- a gothic-emotive Queen. That's pretty much spot on, but it certainly isn't NEW to them. It has ALWAYS been their sound and modus operandi. It's like saying Sufjan or Rufus suddenly got a -little- flamboyant. I mean, in TWO minutes "Helena" was one of the crawl-around-on-the-floor-til-your-makeup-stains-the-carpet anthems of a year ago.


See, what I've never understood about anyone who listens to My Chem, is how they end up missing the jumps in what the band is, at its' core. Sure, they say they are "music to save your life", but so do Angels and Airwaves, and, well, you know how highly we think of them... .

My Chem doesn't suck, at all. In fact, they're a fucking awesome, theatric, in-your-face bunch of kids. Bringing Frank-n-Furter back, if you will. At their core is....well,here's a Resonator Mag photo equation to help you out:




So, what do you think? I mean, you can't deny you liked "Helena", even if it was your FIRST exposure to My Chem. This new stuff-like it, love it, want more of it, too Rufus Wainwright, what? I fucking adore it, but then I also keep the Rent soundtrack in my car for morning commutes.


Pre-order Black Parade

chemicalromance the BEST lj my chem comm. That is, once you get past the bat-costumed fankids who think that every time mikey way sneezes it has great importance....i mean, they make injured band members crayola-colored get well cards, for god's sake....ok, fine, they're really akin to tori amos fans, but w/ darker clothing. it's still a good community.

Resonator Mag: OH MY GOTH

be our friend and we'll cry together
  • i too have liked mcr since way before anyone knew who they were. i remember getting their first album in 2002. I got their first album because Geoff from Thursday produced it. I figured if it sounded anything good like the full collaspe then it can't be all that bad. As for the recent album, i think the music is just fun and it's something to relate to. and besides, who doesn't enjoy catchy music for a funeral?

    i totally agree about the queen influence. not many bands have that sound though, so it's somewhat unique. as for sounding like a showtune, atleast they're not as bad as panic at the disco. (my older sister jokes that they need to go back to broadway)

    as for the showtune influence, i once read back in spring of 2004 that gerard is a huge fan of the dresden dolls and loves cabaret, which does make sense.

    i think kids take them so seriously, because they're proud of having issues and being freaks, which is kinda rare on mtv. i remember growing up wishing mtv would play real music on trl. by real music, i mean stuff that isn't manufactured crap and that it's something i could relate to and say "yeah that's my fucking band." MCR are the underdogs, so are bands like AFI and Avenged Sevenfold. I can stomach those bands more over shit like panic and fall out boy.
  • I was one of those Johnny-come-latelys who first heard of MCR through "Helena" (via Launch). Loved it, checked out the rest of their songs and loved those too. I'm not a teenager nor a scenester, so I had no idea what their fanbase was like until I found chemicalromance. I am a little chagrined, but I shouldn't really throw stones because my generation put the Backstreet Boys and NSync at the top of the charts when we were teens, so at least the current crop of kids has better taste in boy bands.

    As for the new single, they've certainly gone Queenier than ever, but by the second listen they already had me lipsynching to my laptop, so mark me down as a definite fan.
  • I loved this article - it made me want to d/load the song.
    thanks for the file :)
  • (Anonymous)
    Ha ha Wouldnt listen to it but I admire the squealing ambition in their pomp and swagger. My younger brother adores them and is very sweet to watch him and his friends going out in dodgily applied eye liner and bangles. Sure beats the Macho Nu Metal idiocy my peers had to make do with.
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