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Resonator Magazine

We're Resonator. We know things.

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This is the music/mp3/sound file/immediate gratification blog offshoot of resonator magazine.

Resonator Magazine

something good about us...we have amazing yet critical taste in music, and we're willing to share...

something bad about us...sometimes, that taste in music means listening to t.a.t.u.

something good about us...we're not pitchfork.

a little about us:

Resonator Magazine is a collective of music writers formed in 2002 and formalized early in 2005. The minds and voices behind the medium have come together as a rebellion to what we feel is the homogenized publicity engine that modern music journalism has become. We see publications that are quick to hype every band that figured out sometime early Tuesday morning how to get sound from their guitars as "the next big thing in rock", we cringe as magazines continue to call all electronic music "techno", and we complain as the major review sources continually pass up small, fledgling artists in favor of whatever the hype machine of music labels is touting as "important" in this week's deluge of releases. As such, we at Resonator are dedicated to providing music coverage as we see fit. Meaning we will review, praise, hype, critique, and dismiss as we see fit.

There are five of us who you'll see mainly posting here:

We may add more to our little team of close-knit elitest music lovers, we may not.

Our submission guidelines? If you want to write something, contact us. We'll let you know if we're interested or not, but we are not actively seeking out writers.

For us? Against Us? Like-minded companions? Either way...

We're Resonator. We Know Things.

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